fine dining cuisine

a tale of chef Gonzalo Luzarraga's

culinary journey

277 New King's Road

SW6 4RD London

+44 (0)20 77513293


fine dining cuisine

a tale of chef Gonzalo Luzarraga's

culinary journey

277 New King's Road

SW6 4RD London

+44 (0)20 77513293


Tasting Menu


Quail egg - Mortadella - Rabbit

Sea urchin

Bagna Caòda, quail egg, fermented milk

Wild enoki

48 month Parmigiano, black Alba autumn truffle (V)

Bone marrow
Oscietra caviar, porcini and bonito dashi

15 supplement as extra course

Spaghettoni dei Fiori

Colatura di alici from Cetara, natural yeast

Pluma of Cinta senese

Oyster, scallop coral, pastinaca

Porcini brûlés

Chestnut cream, caramelised popcorn, black sesame

Selection of 5 cheeses from Franco Parola, Cuneo

with wild honey from Styria, onion jam and crackers

£15 supplement


£78 per person
Wines pairing £68
Prestige wines pairing £95


Truffle season 


Celeriac/ Mustard 

Bigne’/ Mortadella cream

Quail egg/ Black truffle gel  


Polenta from Cuneo/ Confit duck egg/ Tumin del Melle  


Chestnut tagliolini/ Bordier butter

Guinea fowl/ Potato foam/ Young leeks 


Goat milk/ Gentile hazelnut/ Dulcey chocolate 

Alba Black truffle menu £88
Alba white truffle option: £52 + White Truffle shavings priced according to weight from £9.5 to £14 gr.

We have only certificate Alba truffle from family of Chef


À la carte

Sourdough bread & butter with Cantabria anchovies  4


Olives from my family in Valencia    3

Parmesan Bigne' Mortadella, black truffle    2,5 ea

Macaroon, pigeon liver, cocoa   2,5 ea

Quail egg, ume shiso  2 ea

Preserved Organic Rabbit, lovage cream 2 ea


Cornish Mackerel ceviche 13

Sicilian burnt orange, peanut, green fermented chili

Beef tendons 14

Fresh peas, mussels and Ethiopian pepper

Scottish Venison Tartar 16

Fermented elderberry, wild mustard, dry yolk

Welsh Wild Enoki 17

48 month parmesan, Autumn black truffle (v)

Seared Foie Gras from Eduardo Sousa 18

Quince, burnt goat milk, kale powder

Hand dived Orkney scallop 24

Miso zabaione, black trumpet, Autumn black truffle


Sweetbread Ravioli 21

Jus, autumn black truffle, sheep milk ricotta, 

Risotto Acquerello 19

7 y. aged rice, Black garlic, Sea anemone (V)

Mieral Guinea Fowl  24

Young onions, potatoes foam, hazelnuts

Giordano Fassona Beef 25

Sake, shitake, soya, chicory

Scottish Stone bass 27

Green bean, basque style salsa verde, black lime


Beetroot 9

Raspberry, peper meringue

Black Forest  9

Fermented visciola cherries, Flat peach 

Selection of 3/5/7 cheese from Franco Parola, Cuneo       9/15/18

Four course 56pp

( Three snacks, two starters, one main, one dessert or 3 cheese )

Four course 64pp

( Three snacks, one starters, two main, one dessert or 3 cheese )

Wine pairing 41pp

Prestige wine pairing 68pp

RIGO' London

Monday to Saturday

6:30 pm -10:30 pm

Lunch from Friday to Saturday

12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

277 New King's Road

SW6 4RD London 

 +44 (0)20 77513293



For all media and image enquiries please contact:


307 Harbour Yard

Chelsea Harbour

London SW10 0XD

+44 (0)20 77515812

RIGO’ serves Tasting Menu and an À la carte Menu. 

As such we may not always be able to accommodate certain dietary requirements but we will do our very best to take them into account.

You may find booking online below the quickest way to secure a table, or please call us on 02077513293 during business hours. For parties of 5 or more, we would kindly ask you to please email us at info@rigolondon.com

For dinners we request credit or debit card details. In the event of a cancellation within 36 hours of the booking a charge of £25 per diner will be made to the card. In the the event of a no-show, a charge of £50 per diner will apply.