Best Low Calorie Alcohol Chooses At A Restaurant

Best Low Calorie Alcohol Chooses At A Restaurant

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If you’re a health-conscious person, no doubt calories can be your worst enemy. It’s a well-known fact that alcohol contains a good amount of calories. The stronger the liquor, the higher the calories. Maybe socialising in London to meet new friends is when you drink the mostand consume the most calories.

People often underestimate the calorie intake while drinking, be it beer, wine, or cocktails. Maybe your choice of alcohol can also be the reason behind your waistlines expanding. But there sure is a healthy way to drink by making healthy choices, and maybe be less hungover and that’s a good thing.

The truth is most drink mixers like syrup or canned fruits increase calorie intake. Keeping that in mind, ensure that you make wiser decisions about choosing the ingredients in your drink to cut down calorie intake.

Here’s some low calorie alcohol you can choose at a restaurant:

1. Vodka Soda & Lime – Vodka with soda and a squeeze of lime makes a classic combination. This drink is a win-win for those worried about the expanding size of their waistline. Soda water has zero calories, so you can take a sip without feeling guilty. Since alcohol dehydrates your body adding soda water to your drink can keep you hydrated.
Calorie count – About 100 calories

2. Tequila With Fresh Lime Juice – Tequila with fresh lime juice is another wise choice because it has lower calories. You can ditch the traditional syrup and sugary drink mixes containing more than 200 calories and go for lime juice instead. If you’re craving a cocktail, squeeze a fresh lime juice into your tequila to keep the calories under 200.
Go for tequila that is 100% agave (doesn’t contain additional sweeteners).
Calorie count – About 150 calories

3. Rum And Diet Coke – Sugary mixers can be tempting, but the calorie intake can be high and unhealthy. Substituting the regular coke with a diet coke to your rum will reduce the calories.
Calorie count- About 64 calories

4. Gin and Diet Tonic – Like rum and diet coke, swapping regular high-calorie mixers can make a huge difference. A tonic is high in calories and rich in sugar. Although diet tonic is less sought-after, adding it to your gin will cut the calories in half.
You can also enhance the flavour of your drink by adding a slice of grapefruit or lime and garnishing it with some fresh herbs.
Calorie count – About 120 calories

5. Mojito Without A Syrup – A traditional Cuban highball, Mojito is made with rum, sugar, syrup, soda, and mint. You can break up with the unhealthy syrup to cut down calories. It will save you around 40 to 70 calories per drink.
You can instead add more lime juice and soda water with extra mint leaves to enhance the flavor. Plus, mint leaves are rich in vitamin A.
Calorie count – About 100 calories

6. Light Beer – If you’re a beer lover, you can substitute regular beers ( they contain over 800 calories) with a light beer. They are low in calories, about 50% less than traditional beers.
You can opt for light beers like Miller Light, Natty Light, or Bud Light for a safer choice. Additionally, light beer can also keep you away from protruding beer belly.
Calorie count – About 100 calories

7. Rosé – Rosé is one of the best options for low calorie drinks, but it shouldn’t be too sweet. Try to keep yourself away from deserted rosé as it’s high in sugar. To keep your calorie intake in check, choose labels with low alcoholic content (ABV).
Lastly, while ordering champagne, go for brut or extra brut as they contain less sugar, which means fewer calories.
Calorie count – Less than 100 calories

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