What Is Fusion Cooking And Cuisine?

What Is Fusion Cooking And Cuisine?

Fusion Cooking

A lot of people often misunderstands fusion cooking. Word fusion is most commonly applied to the act of mixing two components. The process allows you to fuse the two form of food and will enable you to enjoy the taste and features of one mixed with another. This does not just apply for the food but also when it comes to cooking traditions, techniques, disciplines, approach, etc.

Some of the most popular fusion cooking recipes include Asian and Chinese Fusion recipes; East meets the West fusion cooking, etc. Fusion cooking is perfect for a lot of reasons. It is one which allows you to enjoy and expand the culinary experience and experiment with the food. There are many alternatives which can be practised to help ensure that the cultural background that one is looking for can be used as it has its unique identity in their cuisines.


Fusion cooking can be employed as a means of subtly introducing the new food concept on the masses, which is the sign of a good chef. There are many Asian fast foods and other large, multinational food chains who try to signify the UK but also bring the taste of their land in the foods. It is important that people understand the mix of flavours and how they react in the mouth. Fusion cooking is the simplest form of making sure that the food has the right mix of opportunities and flavours.

Stir-fried chicken, pineapple, cashew nuts and chips

This is a Chinese stir fry process which is extremely useful for cooking and can allow you to enjoy the best fusion cooking. This is the technique which can have its existence can also allow you to understand the flavours and grow in your knowledge about the cooking. This is one recipe which is quite basic yet can be accompanied with the right stir fry aspects to bring a new change in the flavours of textures. This is one of the best recipes if you are learning how to make fusion dishes.

The first step in the making of the stir fry is the velvet chicken. This is a very important procedure which requires protection of the chicken and can also allow one to have the right effects.

Stir-fried chicken

Make sure that you are letting the chicken drain off the water and remove as much as excess liquid as possible. This will allow you to cook everything through in excess liquid as possible. The sunflower oil should be brought and cooked in moderate heat. You can easily remove the chicken and keep it aside for thirty-seconds which will help you bring out the best in the dish. Seasoning can be added to the dish right stir fry effect. You can make sure that the chicken is fully cooked always.

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