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    Alcohol drinks

    Best Low Calorie Alcohol Chooses At A Restaurant

    If you’re a health-conscious person, no doubt calories can be your worst enemy. It’s a well-known fact that alcohol contains a good amount of calories. The stronger the liquor, the higher the calories. Maybe socialising in London to meet new friends is when you drink the mostand consume the most calories.

    People often underestimate the calorie intake while drinking, be it beer, wine, or cocktails. Maybe your choice of alcohol can also be the reason behind your waistlines expanding. But there sure is a healthy way to drink by making healthy choices, and maybe be less hungover and that’s a good thing.

    The truth is most drink mixers like syrup or canned fruits increase calorie intake. Keeping that in mind, ensure that you make wiser decisions about choosing the ingredients in your drink to cut down calorie intake.

    Here’s some low calorie alcohol you can choose at a restaurant:

    1. Vodka Soda & Lime – Vodka with soda and a squeeze of lime makes a classic combination. This drink is a win-win for those worried about the expanding size of their waistline. Soda water has zero calories, so you can take a sip without feeling guilty. Since alcohol dehydrates your body adding soda water to your drink can keep you hydrated.
    Calorie count – About 100 calories

    2. Tequila With Fresh Lime Juice – Tequila with fresh lime juice is another wise choice because it has lower calories. You can ditch the traditional syrup and sugary drink mixes containing more than 200 calories and go for lime juice instead. If you’re craving a cocktail, squeeze a fresh lime juice into your tequila to keep the calories under 200.
    Go for tequila that is 100% agave (doesn’t contain additional sweeteners).
    Calorie count – About 150 calories

    3. Rum And Diet Coke – Sugary mixers can be tempting, but the calorie intake can be high and unhealthy. Substituting the regular coke with a diet coke to your rum will reduce the calories.
    Calorie count- About 64 calories

    4. Gin and Diet Tonic – Like rum and diet coke, swapping regular high-calorie mixers can make a huge difference. A tonic is high in calories and rich in sugar. Although diet tonic is less sought-after, adding it to your gin will cut the calories in half.
    You can also enhance the flavour of your drink by adding a slice of grapefruit or lime and garnishing it with some fresh herbs.
    Calorie count – About 120 calories

    5. Mojito Without A Syrup – A traditional Cuban highball, Mojito is made with rum, sugar, syrup, soda, and mint. You can break up with the unhealthy syrup to cut down calories. It will save you around 40 to 70 calories per drink.
    You can instead add more lime juice and soda water with extra mint leaves to enhance the flavor. Plus, mint leaves are rich in vitamin A.
    Calorie count – About 100 calories

    6. Light Beer – If you’re a beer lover, you can substitute regular beers ( they contain over 800 calories) with a light beer. They are low in calories, about 50% less than traditional beers.
    You can opt for light beers like Miller Light, Natty Light, or Bud Light for a safer choice. Additionally, light beer can also keep you away from protruding beer belly.
    Calorie count – About 100 calories

    7. Rosé – Rosé is one of the best options for low calorie drinks, but it shouldn’t be too sweet. Try to keep yourself away from deserted rosé as it’s high in sugar. To keep your calorie intake in check, choose labels with low alcoholic content (ABV).
    Lastly, while ordering champagne, go for brut or extra brut as they contain less sugar, which means fewer calories.
    Calorie count – Less than 100 calories



    As much as you want to restrain yourself to home food, you might need to eat out, depending on your schedule. Also, variety is the spice of life, and we want to explore different avenues to please our taste buds. But what about our health and those hours of working out to stay toned? Where do we draw the line? Often the platter sizes in restaurants are largely portioned than you would typically like. Many dishes are even unhealthy, with saturated fats and sodium.
    A good diet is essential, along with a great workout. Now the question remains, which restaurant foods can give you nutrition and healthy options? Here are some healthy choices a personal trainer in London would recommend at a restaurant.

    Avocados are perfect to satiate you for longer as they are full of fiber and good fats. They are great for both before and after workouts.


    Broccoli reduces cancer and heart disease risks as it contains fiber, calcium, potassium, and phytonutrients. It even tastes great with roast dinner or as a salad.

    3. STEAK

    You need not confine your diet to only greens to stay healthy, but steaks are an incredible B-vitamins and zinc source. It is one of the best protein sources to keep your bones, skin, and hair healthy. It provides iron, which is essential to help the red blood cells supply oxygen to your cells.

    4. FISH

    We are not referring to fish and chips here, but strictly oily fish. Salmon and sardines include omega 3, which works wonders for the heart and nervous system. Fish oils also relieve arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.


    When you crave the humble chicken, go for the breast as it contains protein and a fair amount of Vitamin B, Vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and iron. The lean protein in chicken breast is ideal for maintaining muscle mass and increasing metabolism.


    If you have a sweet tooth, don’t be dismayed. Blueberries are quite a sweet treat, yet loaded with benefits. They’ll help you combat diseases with antioxidants and phytonutrients alongside maintaining your cognitive ability.

    7. PASTA

    If you love pasta, you are in for luck. But remember to choose whole-grain pasta to benefit from magnesium and fiber. Pasta works excellent in your daily diet as well as it doesn’t cause weight gain. It is also a perfect option for people with diabetes.

    8. APPLES

    Fruits are healthy, but apple is a popular choice, and why not? It’s readily available and contains antioxidants to fight free radicals and make you age gracefully.

    9. ALMONDS

    This list cannot be complete without almonds. They contain magnesium, vitamin E, calcium, iron, and fiber. Almonds contain a whopping 94% unsaturated fats to control your cholesterol levels and are great for the heart too.


    When you include fruits in your diet, be sure to add pineapples. They are a great source of Vitamin C, enzymes, and antioxidants. Pineapples also boost the body’s immune system.

    Looking at the list, you must have figured by now that it takes a combination and balance of various food items to stay healthy and fit. Another important takeaway is to eat everything and in moderation to gain the health benefits they bring.

    British Foods

    Top British Foods To Try In London

    Eating is an activity where you can enjoy and appreciate the flavours of the food. This is one place where you can learn more about the cultural aspect of the food. There are many ways you can make it easier for you to remember the food through its cultural meaning to the spices it got us hooked onto. Here are a few British foods that you need to try in London.

    Afternoon Tea

    This is one part of British tradition that you are sure to adapt quickly. Afternoon tea is one which will help you experience and enjoy the food at least once. This is the right place which will allow you to enjoy a bunch of British food from cucumbers, egg and cress sandwiches, scones and other things.

    Afternoon Tea


    Pies are indeed a British Classic which will include mashed potatoes, peas, gravy and steak or a kidney pie. This is the ultimate chicken and leek, which allows you to enjoy a different kind of pies. This is one example of a food which even with its quirky filling which can enable you to have the best food that you can enjoy anytime.

    The Traditional English Breakfast

    A traditional English Breakfast is one way to ensure that you get the right kickstart for your day. The traditional English Breakfast includes sausages, eggs, beans, hash browns, toasts, tomatoes, etc. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you have access to heaps of delicious food.

    English Breakfast

    Fish And Chips

    The name says it all. Fish and chips is a food which is greasy yet delicious. For most Britishers chips are fried and fish is a deep-fried chicken with heavy breadcrumb outer layer to make it more interesting and tasty.


    Porridge is served across the world and is something which can allow you to enjoy the right start for your day. Porridge is something which will allow you to start your day with a full stomach. Porridge does not have the taste of its own and requires honey, fruits and nuts to make it taste better.


    Bacon Sandwich

    Bacon sandwich is a traditional British dish which is perfect for on the go snacks. This is a cheap meal to eat and can be a good investment to help try out the scout. This is a standard go-to place for one to eat. If made it right, it served with freshly baked buns and crispy bacon with a bit of seasoning.

    Beef Wellington

    It is almost a crime if you have been to London and not tried Wellington. Beef wellington is like a classic pie. It is completely a separate dish in itself. Fillet Steak covered in plate and duxelles. This is a wrapped puff pastry classic which is every meat lovers dream.

    Fusion Cooking

    What Is Fusion Cooking And Cuisine?

    A lot of people often misunderstands fusion cooking. Word fusion is most commonly applied to the act of mixing two components. The process allows you to fuse the two form of food and will enable you to enjoy the taste and features of one mixed with another. This does not just apply for the food but also when it comes to cooking traditions, techniques, disciplines, approach, etc.

    Some of the most popular fusion cooking recipes include Asian and Chinese Fusion recipes; East meets the West fusion cooking, etc. Fusion cooking is perfect for a lot of reasons. It is one which allows you to enjoy and expand the culinary experience and experiment with the food. There are many alternatives which can be practised to help ensure that the cultural background that one is looking for can be used as it has its unique identity in their cuisines.


    Fusion cooking can be employed as a means of subtly introducing the new food concept on the masses, which is the sign of a good chef. There are many Asian fast foods and other large, multinational food chains who try to signify the UK but also bring the taste of their land in the foods. It is important that people understand the mix of flavours and how they react in the mouth. Fusion cooking is the simplest form of making sure that the food has the right mix of opportunities and flavours.

    Stir-fried chicken, pineapple, cashew nuts and chips

    This is a Chinese stir fry process which is extremely useful for cooking and can allow you to enjoy the best fusion cooking. This is the technique which can have its existence can also allow you to understand the flavours and grow in your knowledge about the cooking. This is one recipe which is quite basic yet can be accompanied with the right stir fry aspects to bring a new change in the flavours of textures. This is one of the best recipes if you are learning how to make fusion dishes.

    The first step in the making of the stir fry is the velvet chicken. This is a very important procedure which requires protection of the chicken and can also allow one to have the right effects.

    Stir-fried chicken

    Make sure that you are letting the chicken drain off the water and remove as much as excess liquid as possible. This will allow you to cook everything through in excess liquid as possible. The sunflower oil should be brought and cooked in moderate heat. You can easily remove the chicken and keep it aside for thirty-seconds which will help you bring out the best in the dish. Seasoning can be added to the dish right stir fry effect. You can make sure that the chicken is fully cooked always.

    Ice Cream Cakes

    Flawless Ice Cream Cakes You Need To Make This Summer

    You are in the middle of summer, and it is important that you have everything baked right. Ice cream is something which allows you to have a little bit extra flavours into your dish. This is one way to ensure that you have the best indulgent flavours to help you enjoy your time.

    Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake

    This is one delicious cake which is sure to impress the kids as well as the adults. This is an ice cream cake with a cookie dough crust. The dessert itself looks like a pie and can have the right effects to help bring out the taste of peanuts.

    Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake

    Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is one flavour that everyone can enjoy. This is where you can bring in a cake and fill it up with the right layers of the ice cream. Make sure that you have access to some of the best ice cream flavoured cakes which will allow you to enjoy the taste much better.

    Circus Animal Ice Cream Cake

    This is one completely adorable cake. This cake will transport you to your childhood with just one bite. This dessert is specifically targeted towards children to help ensure that they have the right texture and smoothness of the ice cream yet the cake dissolves in their mouth.

    Circus Animal Ice Cream Cake

    Chocolate Ice Cream Oreo Truffle Cake

    This is a chocolate ice cream cake which is stiffed with an Oreo truffle layer which can have the right chocolate cream cheese frosting filling. This is a dessert recipe for those who want to beat the heat with the right dessert and ice cream snack.

    Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

    This is one dessert which will allow you to straight-up enjoy the cake just with a bit of vanilla ice cream toppings. This is the best for people who love to enjoy eating red velvet cake with its better half of ice-cream.

    Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

    Meyer Lemon Blueberry Icebox Cake

    This is not exactly a cake or an ice cream. But it is for those who love to enjoy their desserts but needs to stay in control. This is the best cake recipe that I have found in a long time which is the best when you like to enjoy a slice of yumminess without any guilt.

    Strawberries And Ice Cream Cake

    This is another heavenly recipe which would be good allowing you to enjoy the cake. This is a classic which will allow you to get access to some of the best recipes. You can also opt for dairy and vegan options for the same, which will help you enjoy the cake.